R&S Life Line Domes, LLC
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Buildings domes is not just a job, its our passion........
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        In 1970, Raymond E. Ansel founded War Bonnet Construction, as a
sole proprietorship, in the State of Utah. In 1988 Mr. Ansel moved to Alaska
to begin contracting there, licensing the Company in the State of Alaska.
Recognizing a need for something different, Mr. Ansel invented Portable
Dome type Igloo's starting in 8 foot diameter up to 24 foot diameter.   This
was something unique and highly marketable. Since that time Mr. Ansel has
been building super insulated, steel reinforced, concrete domes
(monolithic).   Mr. Ansel has been building domes and has completed 208
structures ranging from 8 feet in diameter, to 92 feet in diameter. These
structures include Homes, Shops, Churches, Lodges, Storage Facilities,
Medical Clinics, Duplexes, Theaters, Recreational Domes, Barnes, etc.
Other products used in the business include, Urethane Foam Insulation and
Specialized Dome and Roof Coatings. As part of this growth, contact was
made, and a relationship developed with David South, Owner and CEO of
the Monolithic Dome Institute, in Italy, Texas. R&S Lifeline Domes LLC was
formed in September, 2002, when Mr. Ansel constructed a Dome Medical
Clinic in the State of Missouri. Due to the demand for Mr. Ansel and his
services in the lower 48 States, constructing the super insulated, steel
reinforced concrete domes, (monolithic), decisions were made to turn his
Alaska operations over to his family.
   Mr. Ansel then put a Mobil Crew together and travels from State to State,
building Domes as the opportunities are available. R&S Lifeline Domes LLC,
intends to be at the forefront of the Thin shell, super insulated, steel
reinforced concrete Dome, using technology that will make their products
more beneficial to the consumer that have purchased them. R&S Lifeline
domes LLC is committed to being a driving force in the Housing Industry,
utilizing their position wherever possible, and in areas where natural
disasters occur.
   In the last 43 years of construction experience building conventional
buildings and all types of commercial buildings to stick frame homes, doing
business from the North Slope of Alaska's Deep Freeze, to the Hot Dessert's
in Arizona. From the California Coast to the Great Smokey Mountains of
Tennessee and Georgia, Mr. Ansel has found the Thin shell, super
insulated, steel reinforced, Concrete Domes, to be superior buildings, saving
thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs, along with survivability in
earthquakes and other natural disasters.
   Mr. Ansel and son David, have spent time in India, training and
consulting   client's, working on two Dome Projects. One Dome is 80 feet in
diameter and one is 55 feet in diameter. These Domes will be used for a
Museum and one for a Science Display Area.  A Memorandum of
Understanding has been signed with a large Company in India to help
construct Domes through-out India and Southeast Asia. This will take place
as Crews are trained and equipment has been purchased and set on the
Job site. R&S Lifeline Domes LLC has taken most all Dome Projects from
start to finish. Ansel's attention to detail is priority. Building custom made
cabinets, trimming stairs, etc. is all within his ability's along with being able to
coordinate with Sub Contractor's. This takes the hassle and worry away from
the Owner's. This is only a part of Ansel's expertise.